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Bear Up! and Join Us on Sept. 14 for CODERS

Hello, CODERS Teachers!

The school year has officially begun. We know it's busy, but we hope you're excited and ready to join the CODERS Council on September 14 for our first hands-on experience of the semester!

We will meet in the Hospitality Room (1st floor) at the Meyer Alumni Center from 8 am-3 pm.

Our goal is that you walk away ready to introduce CODERS to your students and complete a lesson and reflection within the two weeks after we meet.

Send out your passive consent forms as soon as possible.

Things to Remember

  • Bring laptops, charging cords, etc.

  • Bring binders from Summer workshop

  • Wear MSU Coders t-shirt for group photo

  • We will have travel forms available to reimburse for mileage

  • Submit substitute invoices to Stephanie Dixon

  • Will have light breakfast items and coffee. Lunch on own downtown.

Reach out on our Facebook group or via email if you have any questions!

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