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Teacher Spotlight

You may be contacted to be spotlighted in our YouTube Channel: STEAMing with the CODERS.


You might choose to send the one-minute to one-mine and a half (max) edited with the following components, or send the images and snippets and we will edit it for you.

Teachers Name:

School name and district:

Grade level:

Lesson name:

Pictures of some or all:

  • Material

  • Work in progress

  • Student working

  • Teacher Presenting

  • Final Product

Video Snippets of some or all:

  • Material (5 sec)

  • Teacher presenting (10 sec max)

  • Group work (10 sec max)

  • Student working (10 sec max)

  • Students’ testimonies (10 sec max)

  • Students’ participation (10 sec max)

Please be sure to submit waivers for pictures/images for minors.

417 836 8442

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